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On April, 17, 2012 SVEZA, one of the leading Russian plywood manufactures, became the owner of Fankom mill (Russia). Currently all SVEZA mills produce 900 000 m3 of birch plywood annually.

Within January-March 2012 production of birch plywood in Belarus increased up to 8.5% in comparison with the same period of the last year

Belarusian government plans to increase axle load capacity in May, 2012. It will give a possibility to load more plywood in a truck

In comparison with the same period of 2011 year birch plywood sales in EU countries within April of 2012 significantly increased

FanDok mill has improved birch/alder plywood quality by placing in operation automatic 4 belt calibrating-sanding double sided machine made by EMC (Italy)

Seasonal axle load restrictions in Belarus starting from April, 20, 2012 are not applicable. Plywood can be loaded again full truck (21 ton)

IKEA plans to replace some of its Asian suppliers with Italian manufacturers.  Italy is already the third largest supplier for IKEA, after China and Poland.

German wood furniture market continues to grow. In 2011 internal furniture sales showed increase of 2%. 

Within January 2012 Russian mills produced 55.6 thousand m3 of plywood. It is around 2% more than within the same period of 2011 year 

INTERBUDEXPO, the major event of Ukrainian building and construction industry, will be held from 27.03.2012 till 30.03.2012 in Kiev.