The implementation of a wood tracking system in Romania could prove to be very efficient in combating the country's high rate of illegal logging. The government will soon approve a forest tracking system that will also include intervention teams formed by policemen, gendarmes and forest officers. These teams will have the purpose of rapidly catching illegal loggers and to supervise the harvesting activity in Romanian forests


On 16-18 March, 2014 Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium) was the meeting place for the international sector for wooden flooring and exterior wall cladding, terraces, vinyl, laminate, and PVC floors. It gave a varied national and international public three days of opportunity to familiarize themselves with scores of new products and suppliers from all European countries and even further afield.


In 2013 plywood export in the USA increased up to 16%. Chinese plywood export within the same period showed -16% slow down. It was connected with the possibility of antidumping duty introduction. Russian plywood market presented 8% increase


Within January, 2014 prices for panel products in Russia decreased (-2.4% on average). The most decrease (-6%) was fixed for MDF. Experts mentioned reduction in construction field and demand among the main reasons. Hardboard prices are expected to grow slightly, MDF and plywood cost will continue to come down 


Within January, 2014 plywood export in Russia increased up to 17.7% and accounted for 145.2 thousand m3.  19.2 thousand m3 were exported to the near abroad countries


International trade fair Expowood 2014 will be held between the 28th and 31st of May at Roman Exhibition Centre, Brasov, Romania. Machinery and heavy machinery, tractors, ropeways, grabs, saws, tools, equipment, devices and supplies used therein; electric cars portable heating, drying and extraction, raw materials, timber, lumber, wood components, fittings


In the nearest years demand rate for wooden panels in Europe is expected to increase up to 3%. For profitability growth 3-5% demand increase per year is necessary. Analysts recommend to invest into MDF production


On 1 January 2014, the new GSP preferences under EU Regulation 978/2012 started to apply. More than 80 countries and territories will no longer be beneficiaries of the EU Generalized Scheme of Preferences.


US imports of wooden furniture remained strong. In October 2013 imports were 6% higher than in October 2012. China's shipments accounted for 49% of total US imports in October. Vietnam's import share recovered to 16%. Use of the following species in furniture has grown: oak, walnut, birch and bamboo


Within the last 3 years Russian plywood export stably grows.  Within January-September, 2013 Russia exported up to 5.7% more plywood in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Leadership in export of Russian plywood belongs to the USA. It is connected with the active growth of house building